Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pain and Suffering for Fun and Profit

For those of you who aren't familiar with San Francisco's calendar, this week is Leather Week, which culminates on Sunday with the world-infamous Folsom Street Fair (SO not safe for work).

Most people know this by the fact that the massive rainbow flag that hangs over the intersection of Castro and Market Street has changed into the Leather Pride Flag.

I know this by the fact that my legs are already starting to ache.

As a C-list gay celebrity (meaning people don't recognize me with sunglasses and a shirt on), part of the joys of the job are getting to meet people and raise money for good causes at various events and appearances.

Unfortunately, all of this usually happens while standing on hard asphalt or cement for ten or so hours at a stretch.

Remember this rule: A-listers get chairs, B-listers get carpet, and C-listers get cramps.

Thank God my husbear is letting me borrow his kilt. I can deal with painful feet if there's a breeze in the right places.

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