Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 1 -- NDT Goes East

As alluded to cryptically elsewhere, with my switch to a BART commute, my faithful Mazda3 is going to go live with my parents.

Problem is, it has to get to Kansas to do it.

Which is why, first thing this morning (7:20 AM Pacific), I piled a few changes of clothes, some snacks, and enough Muscle Milk Lites to fuel a small health club into the 3 and pointed it east.

First rest stop -- Truckee, California. Ten points for historic value.

Third rest stop -- Elko, Nevada. Minus fifteen points for aesthetics.

(Before you ask, yes, there was a second rest and fuel stop outside Reno, but really -- how many more slot machine and tour bus pictures does the Internet need?)

Final stop: Salt Lake City, 7:22 PM Mountain -- eleven hours, two minutes, and 738 miles later.

Tomorrow: destination Denver.

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