Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Let Them Eat Dirt

There's a great deal of hand-wringing going on today about the news on black US AIDS rates released yesterday.

Particularly interesting is this quote.

In areas such as Detroit, Washington D.C. and the Deep South, HIV rates among segments of the black community approach those of countries in Africa.

And yet, as I pointed out last year, the Democrat Party's leading lights deliberately blocked and eliminated the change to the funding formula for the Ryan White CARE Act that would have sent more Federal money to those areas based on their actual incidence rates and lack of existing resources. Instead, the formula previously used, which provides a disproportionate amount of money to coastal metropolitan areas like San Francisco and New York City, was left in place.

After all, which is more important; providing education, prophylactics, and medication to poorer and predominantly-black areas, or providing Grey Goose, caviar, and linen tablecloths for white gay liberals' fundraising galas?

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