Monday, November 17, 2008

Today's Massive Bit of Self-Absorption

As expected, courtesy of Box Turtle Bulletin, which carries this pleasant little bit of narcissism concerning people who felt the need to block the major on-ramp off and onto the 101 for their fifteen minutes of fame.

Prepare to upchuck.
On Saturday, on a sunny day in San Francisco, 15 beautiful people were arrested for you, your neighbors, your friends, your family and the people you love. We did it for people you may not even know, we did it for people you may fear and we did it for people you may not understand. Most importantly, we did it for civil rights.

To the brighter side, at least this sounds better than the toddler at the grocery store testing out the maximum displacement of his lungs in an attempt to get Mommy to buy Fruity Pebbles rather than Cheerios.

But the net motivation and effect on passersby is exactly the same.

Supposedly this creature so desperate to "do something" for other people lives here in San Francisco. If that's the case, I know at least two organizations who would be more than happy to have him show up on their doorsteps right now and would have him hard at work actually helping people who need it within thirty seconds, without wasting the police's time, burning up thousands of taxpayer dollars, and producing the increased air pollution/wasted gasoline/unnecessary blood pressure spikes that his little tantrum did.

But since there's no TV cameras, I doubt he'd be interested.

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