Wednesday, February 23, 2005

More Travel-Size News Items

Again, my apologies to all loyal readers -- as I mentioned several days ago, North Dallas Thirty is on the road, working on a major deal for my company, and as a result, blogtime has been at a premium.

And before you ask, the weekend was off-limits -- I had someone special in Chicago in my arms for almost all of it. (grin) Incidentally, if any of you were at Fireball 2005 on Saturday night at Union Station, North Dallas Thirty and his special someone were there, shirts off and dancing our hearts out.

Meanwhile, in the regular world, some interesting points were coming forth which I would like to share:

-- Britain's Royal Navy announces an active program to recruit gays and lesbians. Are you listening, Donald Rumsfeld? Try taking the LEAD on an issue instead of just reacting.

-- Kudos to the Virginia Senate Courts of Justice committee for killing off an antigay bill that would require the consideration of sexual orientation and marital status in adoption screening. Read through the article -- in a Republican state, even the looniest of the right-wing loonies and pseudo-scientists couldn't get this abomination out of committee. I would have liked to see a yes/no recorded vote, but a negative voice vote will suffice for now.

Anyway, hope y'all are doing well.....will be back soon!

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