Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Well, We're Movin' on Up.......

Blog Ally GayPatriot is proud to announce that he and GayPatriotWest have moved to shiny new digs in the blogosphere. Special thanks should go to alleged architect Christian Grantham, who, despite the strange similarity between his fabulously-beautiful and functional blog and the new PatriotLair, was quick to clarify that the status of "Arch Nemesis" still remained for those Republican heathens. (wink)

To both the GayPatriots and to Christian, I say....thank you. Your tireless devotion and willingness to share space and opinions is what ultimately pushed me into the blogosphere as well. It's great to know that y'all are out there. Special thanks also to Lloydletta and Boi from Troy for their kind and generous comments and hands extended across cyberspace.

Now, in honor of these auspicious events.....a "moving" musical tribute.

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