Thursday, March 09, 2006

Creating a Scene vs. Creating Change

Via Boi From Troy, I'd like to bring forward today's nominee for the Wasted Effort award: the anonymous gay activists who littered downtown Boise, Idaho, with approximately 150 "Heterosexuals Only" stickers, in protest of the Idaho Legislature's passage of an amendment, to be submitted to voters in November, banning same-sex marriage in Idaho.

The group says it used the "Heterosexuals Only" stickers to symbolize "Whites Only" and "Colored Only" stickers from past discrimination in the history of the American civil rights movement.

"In the struggle for human rights, an iconic image of that struggle has been signs that exclude classes of people," an activist said. "You know, 'Whites Only' on drinking fountains, or blacks to the back of the bus."

Two problems with that, kids:

-- Equating not being able to get married with being barred from homes, jobs, and public areas, as blacks actually were, requires a lack of proportion on a par with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

-- Screaming "discrimination" usually works better when people OTHER than you are the ones putting up the signs and barring you from park benches and fountains.

You had a choice between taking the issue to Idaho voters and making a coherent argument.....or carrying out a publicity stunt, littering public property, that has little to no relevance to the situation and is insulting to blacks who actually DID suffer through segregation.

Why is it always a foregone conclusion that they choose the latter?

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