Friday, March 17, 2006

Go Away Kid, You Bother Us

The latest bit of amusing news to wash its way down to my soggy San Francisco storm drain comes from Boi From Troy, who reports on Mike Rogers's sudden burning desire to get a press pass to the visit the 2006 Log Cabin Republicans national convention.

Apparently Mike thinks they're going to deny him one.

To which I reply......"DUHHHHHHH!"

Let's review Mike's curriculum vitae, shall we?

-- Harassment via wild diatribes against a state Log Cabin organization AND the national organization

-- Harassment of gay Republicans, including numerous attempts to have them fired

-- Harassment of gay Democrats, including misrepresentation of himself and his motives, when said Democrats speak out against his activities

-- Harassment of other bloggers who disagree with him, even to the point of shutting down their blogs.

-- Harassment of media sources who publish stories critical of him, including misrepresenting himself in phone calls to obtain private information concerning reporters.

-- Publicly asserting that Republicans are building and operating concentration camps for gays in the Pacific Northwest.

Of course, all of this is done in the name of "gay rights" and as swift and terrible vengeance against people who would vote for, or work for, people who vote for antigay actions like the Federal Marriage Amendment, Marriage Protection Act, and state constitutional amendments.

Except when said people are Democrats, in which case Mike suddenly goes deaf, dumb, blind, and silent. Witness his lack of commentary on the Kerry campaign and its support of homophobic legislation, or on Joe Solmonese and Emily Malcom's endorsement of FMA supporting politicians.

In short, Log Cabin is an organization of Republicans, gay and straight, working for gay rights. Mike has nicely demonstrated that he supports none of those points.

Unless pity is acceptable grounds for issuing him a press pass, I see no compelling reason for him to get one.

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