Saturday, July 16, 2005

An Immediate Sign That You're Aging

As I've mentioned before, one (or more) of the radios in the NDT Household is usually tuned to my favorite country music station, 99.5 The Wolf. Today, as I was preparing my breakfast, I heard Barry Corbin, the official "Voice of the Wolf", boom:

Here's a vintage Texas tune that just keeps getting better with time!

The song was country supergroup Alabama's number one hit, I'm in a Hurry (and Don't Know Why).

That song was released in 1992.

I was in college and working in 1992.

Somehow I can't quite get a grip on the fact that a song from the soundtrack of my commutes to work and my first real bouts of drinking is now the pleasantly-titled equivalent of a "golden oldie".

On a good point......if that song is "vintage", with people currently paying exorbitant prices for "vintage" preworn clothing, given what's in my closet, my net worth may just have tripled.

Still.....I need a drink. I wonder how a beer will go with cheesy scrambled eggs?

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