Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.....

Blog Ally Eva Young, aka Lloydletta, has been showing over the past few days why she's a NDT award-winning blogger with her relentless pursuit of a story involving -- surprise! -- complete and utter hypocrisy on the part of a Democrat when it comes to gay rights.

As outlined at the Dump Bachmann blog devoted to the antics of antigay FMA-supporting Minnesota state Senator Michelle Bachmann, it seems that Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has decided that she needs to kick some money to one of Bachmann's DFL (it's a Minnesota code word for Democrats) opponents in the race for the Minnesota Sixth District. Understandable. However, there's just one problem....the person she's funding, Elwyn Tinklenberg, supports the FMA as well. What makes this particularly appalling is that there is another DFL candidate in the race, Scotty Mortenson, who has made it clear that he does NOT support the FMA.

Blog Ally Robert of Lime Shurbet, another NDT award winner, San Francisco resident, and future NDT neighbor, then takes the handoff from Lloydletta and runs with it in his own pungent prose.

I would simply answer in my own cynical fashion.....what most likely will get Pelosi in trouble for backing Tinklenberg is not that he's antigay, but that he's pro-life. As Joe Solmonese and Emily Malcom showed last summer, even if you support the FMA, as long as you're pro-choice, it's worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you and an endorsement. This is, as far as I can tell, the same logic that led them and others to proclaim John Kerry and his support of antigay state constitutional amendments and banning gay marriage because of his religious beliefs to be pro-gay and gay supportive.

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