Saturday, August 13, 2005

Here We Go.....

Finally, after much asking, cajoling, and gnashing of teeth, I have gotten an answer to my fundamental question, asked in posts from Wednesday, Thursday, and yesterday: why SHOULDN'T gay groups of every political and other stripe speak out often and regularly against pedophilia?

Because it implies that we're somehow more responsible than everyone else.

Funny, I don't remember other groups who speak out often and regularly against pedophilia being seen as "somehow more responsible" for it. On the contrary, the opposite is invariably the case.

As I said before, I'm under no illusions that this would convince Dobson and his ilk otherwise when they've staked so much on gays being pedophiles. However, at the same time, it mystifies me that so many gays oppose doing it with such harsh words:

You're not just being a gay Republican, you're being a gay republican who's sucking up to the anti-gay right, and bemoaning how it's all the gay left's fault they they hate you.

Wrong. I'm being a concerned gay citizen who is appalled by child abuse and molestation and feels that gays do have a responsibility to speak out and regularly condemn it. Gay rights have nothing to do with pedophilia, molestation, promoting underage sex, or the stripping of parental rights, despite attempts by groups like NAMBLA, the ACLU, and abortionist groups to argue otherwise. Those things are WRONG, period, and anyone who tries to associate them with gay rights is exploiting gays for the purpose of defending appalling, horrible behavior.

The proof of the irrational hatred of the gay left is that a statement like that will be bashed as "appeasement", "trying to curry favor", and "sucking up" to right-wingers who I have regularly pointed out a) are driven by irrational hatred of gays and b) are not likely to change their mind because of what I do.

You know what? Fishstuck 'em.

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