Monday, August 08, 2005

A Retrospective on the Primordial Swamp

As I way to start an argument in the blogosphere, especially the gay about evolution and creationism.

There were some excellent points made, especially by Eva Young (Lloydletta), perpetual commentor Ian S., and Roaring Tiger.

On the other hand, no less than three people (they know who they are) said that I think evolution is "not a fact" -- despite this very clear statement:

Now, evolution, as strictly applied, is a fact. Over time, the rates at which certain traits are expressed in populations tend to change, genetically and physically, in response to environmental and other pressures.

I think my major mistake in writing the post, though, was in not first referencing a previous post I had made on this topic -- more specifically, on how I came to my views on the subject. Without that, I think many people misread my perspective.

Then again, maybe I'm only kidding myself and people really do think I have a "feeble Christian mind" and am completely ignorant of biology or arithmetic, as a few have said. Maybe they do dislike me to the extent that they don't read my posts before commenting on what I do and don't say in them.

C'est la guerre.

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