Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My Boi from Troy Moment.....

As a nod to the practice of Blog Ally Boi from Troy of posting gratuitous pictures of gorgeous men, I am posting some lovely links that I came upon today.

Whilst I was visiting, trying to expand my knowledge, when I stumbled upon the Sports Illustrated Athletes in Swimsuits collection,, things....were expanded as well.

For those who have seen me waxing poetic over Officer Dan Aranyosi, one of the "50 Most Beautiful People in D.C." as reported by The Hill and publicized by BfT himself and Gay Patriot, my choice of favorites among the athletes in swimsuits should be no surprise whatsoever.

The first runner-up ("Dammit, GET OUT OF THE WAY!") is fairly predictable, but second runner-up is a bit unusual, even for me.

However, there was one pic that deserved the "Dear God, WHAT were you thinking?" award......

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