Thursday, November 10, 2005

One Cheap and Easy Special Election

Well, it's happened.....the house is sold, my things are packed, and my notice has been, by January 1, North Dallas Thirty (the blogger) will be an official resident of San "Check Your Guns and Recruiters At the Door" Francisco.

Being as you all did such a marvelous job with the last time I asked your opinion on something, I shall throw you the thorny question with which I've been wrestling of late; now that I'm no longer to be in Dallas, what should we do with the esteemed "North Dallas Thirty" blog name? Please vote on the lovely poll provided off to the side by our friends at

In addition, if those of you who vote "Change" would be so kind, I'm looking for suggestions as to what....please, no scatological or other references that would make me look like more of a pervert than I may or may not be. (evil grin) You know who you are.

Vote early.....but just TRY to vote often. And no, there will be NO paper record!

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