Friday, November 11, 2005

Veteran's Day....Always Remember

As part of our observance of Veterans' Day, several other gay bloggers and myself are doing posts of thanks and remembrance for those who sacrificed their time, their blood, and their lives as part of armed forces around the world.....and especially those in our own American armed forces.

Always remember.....

That if it weren't for a veteran, you and I might still know the lash of an onerous government that saw our beautiful country and those who inhabited it as nothing but inferior, rebellious colonials whose rights as human beings or Englishmen could be ignored and often disregarded.

That if it weren't for a veteran, you and I might still be staring across lines of hatred and distrust, holding people in utter wretched bondage for no reason other than their skin color.

That if it weren't for a veteran, you and I might still be picking up the morning's paper, reading in horror about the latest crime against humanity committed by the European Reich.

GayPatriot has posted the lyrics to what I feel is a very touching and appropriate song for this occasion. I now present to you the video -- Toby Keith, American Soldier

And as a special point, to those of my gay brothers and sisters who have served in the military despite discrimination, the threat of discrimination, of harassment, and even death.....thank you. You, more than anyone else, demonstrate that the fact that one loves those of the same gender does not preclude one loving one's country. You have shown this country and the world that patriotism is stronger than hate, that duty conquers personal pain, and that glbts do believe in something greater than themselves -- the United States of America and the history of freedom that we represent.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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