Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cassie For Short

Now I know how Cassandra felt.

For those of you who had better things to read growing up, Cassandra was a princess of Troy, beloved by the god Apollo, who gave her the ability to foretell the future. However, when she chose not to shack up with him -- wise, considering Apollo practiced about as much fidelity as P. Diddy -- he cursed her in a most ironic fashion. Instead of merely taking back his gift, he let her keep it.....but made it so that no one would ever believe anything she said until it was too late.

Evidently he turned her into an iconoclastic gay conservative.

Over the past few days, each wind from the gay blogosphere has brought another clash and revelation of shocking -- SHOCKING! -- information. Chris Crain of Citizen Crain and Matt of The Malcontent have reached the conclusion that Joe Solmonese and HRC are lying to gays and are launching lavender-scented jihad against those who disagree with them. Robbie of the Malcontent has discovered that Arnold Schwarzenegger is being unfairly targeted by gay groups and that these same groups put politics first and gay rights second. Pam Spaulding of Pam's House Blend is preaching the necessity of reaching out to others of different ideologies.

On the one hand, it's great that they've figured it out.

On the other, it's not like they weren't told months, years, (what seems like) decades, and relative eons ago.

During that time, though, there was a slightly-different set of descriptions for these attitudes.
There was no one precipitating event, per se, that got you banned, even though there was indeed a "last straw" that led me to believe your antagonism against gay people and gay people's interests goes beyond anything I've seen in someone who is himself putatively gay.

Add to what I believe are your dangerous views your ever-present martyr complex, your link-whoring, your hectoring, self-righteous tone and general obnoxiousness, and it wasn't a hard call.

Or, even more precisely and clearly:
NDT has finally joined the long, proud list of (excised) bannees. Like Mike Rogers and company, he is a gay person whom ironically I believe to be dangerous to the interests of gay people.

And I assure you, those were the nicer ones.

In the grand scheme of the universe, or even in the limited corner of it that is gay issues and activism, I don't suppose these matter too terribly much; after all, I am rather a dust mote when it comes to the more titanic blogging powerhouses. One could easily argue that my lone voice, even if it had been heard, wasn't going to make much difference in terms of keeping gays from doing damaging and stupid things; after all, in our community, never has so much anti-drug and safe-sex advertising costing so much money been ignored by so many.

But it makes it very easy to understand why Cassandra went stark raving mad.

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