Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Let Your Words Be Sweet As Honey

Such a pity. Really.

And if you want a good answer as to why, note the juxtaposition of a post of one of their co-bloggers defending them -- next to said blogger's attempt to explain why she left material giving someone's home address, instructions for where to situate oneself to shoot them, and a diatribe on why shooting them would be justified up on her blog for nearly an entire month.

Note in particular that she tries to mount a smear job on another blogger for not censoring his comment threads -- right after she insists that she shouldn't be held responsible for what's in hers. More entertainingly, she argues that she can't possibly read all of the comments posted to her site -- despite the fact that she never had any trouble finding mine and using them to ban me.

Of course, in her defense, apparently what made me easy to find were complaints from her frequent contributors; however, you have to wonder why not one of those commentors spoke up when someone was making death threats in her comments section.

And just in case any of you are wondering, censoring of comments is something I am disinclined to do personally; however, that will last only up until the point you start posting peoples' personal information with the clear intent of encouraging them to be harmed.

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