Friday, February 23, 2007

Now I Think I See Why......

Senator Barbara "S-S-S-SENATOR Schwarzenegger?" Boxer thought it so necessary to ensure that San Francisco didn't lose any HIV/AIDS funding.

What really pains me is that I know and have worked with guys with the STOP AIDS Foundation -- wonderful, committed fellas who work hard to educate people and put the brakes on the epidemic. They do great stuff, and the workshops that NZBear mentions in his links are not (quite) as vacuous or obscene as they sound.

However, if given the choice between paying to keep babies from being born with AIDS and paying to support four-part erotic writing classes held in a sex club (yes, that is what EROS is), the babies win, hands down.

HIV/AIDS is a defining, and unfortunately enormous, aspect of the gay community. But it's time we realize that other people got sick, too; just because we were one of the first groups at the buffet doesn't mean we're entitled to hoard everything.

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