Friday, February 02, 2007

More of That Humongous Problem

Remember that thing I was telling you about enablement?

Here's our latest example -- from commentor "John":
Finally, the way you use your volunteering and fundraising to browbeat critics is really tiresome and calls into question your true motives for doing such work.

Yep, John, you caught me; I devote, as I pointed out previously, an enormous chunk of high-profile and behind-the-scenes time to raising money and providing vital services to the gay community for the sole purpose of being able to browbeat people in the blogosphere with the fact. Just like those vigilant leftie and Democrat gays uncovered Mary Cheney's unholy plot to cripple gaykind permanently by giving money and support to an organization fighting Virginia's state constitutional amendment.

"John" can rest assured, though, that he's in good company; despite occasional stray flashes, the illumination of what I believe and do remains, for the foreseeable future, buried under the overwhelmingly-dark, inky, and pervasive belief that gays of my philosophical, religious, and political persuasion will not be happy until we're all in slimming stripes, behind barbed wire, and merrily scattering ashes just beyond the gate that reads, "KEUSCHEIT MACHT FREI".

Evidently it satisfies something with them. And gradually, I am reaching the point of realization that it's to them what chopped liver is to my husband; something that they've enjoyed for so long, they don't realize how repulsive it is to everyone else.

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