Sunday, August 19, 2007

CubsTracks: No, We Have Some Bananaramas Today Edition

Because you asked for it, gentle readers, today we are featuring the vocal stylings of Bananarama, the UK duo (previously trio) known far and wide during the 1980s, fading slightly in the 1990s, and enjoying a welcome resurgence through most unusual channels.

In my iPod, we find the following two of their songs:

1. Move In My Direction (Bobby Blanco and Miki Moto Vocal Mix)

This single, released in 2005, is a remix of their earlier "Really Saying Something". Released as a means of capitalizing on the '80's retro movement in the UK and global dance music at that time, it peaked at #14 on the UK charts; however, it was not released in the US until after a happy accident involving its sibling........

2. Look On the Floor (Angel City Extended Remix)

Also from Bananarama's 2005 album Drama, this song was the second single released, and it flopped rather badly in the UK. However, despite the fact that it wasn't even marketed in the US, club DJs got their hands on the import version, and it took off on this side of the pond; this pushed Bananarama to release Move in My Direction fully in the United States.

Hence the clause in the first version of the Declaration of Independence which included "keeping from us seriously-kickin' dance music" among the sins of George III.

THIS one, natch, comes with a video:

Also, because we are here, ultimately, to provide pleasure to our readers, I will take the risk of showing this, even though I am of the belief that the 80s is like a mummy, just waiting for someone to say the right combination of words, wear the right ugly amulet, or play just the wrong video to bring it growling and stinking from its ancient grave, out to terrorize and murder the peasants and clueless aristocrats.

God help us all.

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