Tuesday, August 07, 2007

We Demand the Right to Repeat the Mistakes of Others

The interesting paradox of the French Revolution is that it began with the toppling of the autocratic Bourbon monarchy in the name of freedom, democracy, and liberty.....and then, a mere decade later, signed away all three to the even-more autocratic Napoleon.

In a similar fashion, we now have the spectacle of gays who have agitated against workplace discrimination and sexual harassment now giving it the OK when practiced on others.

Both general state and Federal employment law are very clear: you are not allowed to require a person to take part -- or punish them for refusing to participate -- in activities that they consider offensive unless it is a business necessity and no other reasonable accomodation exists. Furthermore, California law is even more explicit that a person cannot be required to work in situations in which they will be exposed to sexual materials, gestures, or language that could be construed as offensive -- and a manager who orders them to do so is legally liable.

Perhaps what boggles the mind the most is this statement:
Solution to problem:

1. Roll up windows in fire truck
2. Turn on the A/C
3. Talk amongst yourselves and/or turn on radio
4. Ignore cat callers
5. Collect payckeck

Now, imagine that being told to a female driver who complains about men making catcalls and sexual gestures at her when she pulls into a warehouse, and you get the point.

Hopefully this lesbian fire chief is smarter than the last one.

UPDATE: And now, courtesy of Ex-Gay Watch frequent commentor Timothy Kincaid, we learn that it's the firemen's fault for being offended -- and they should be fired.

These particular firefighters found themselves unable to treat all citizens with respect and dignity and they were unable to supportive and responsive to the needs of city government. Clearly they can't do their job and should be replaced by someone who can.

One wonders if he's going to fire the first female employee who complains to him about her coworkers making sexual remarks because she doesn't work well with others.

UP-UPDATE: And yet another Towleroad commentor, "Edina Monsoon", puts up the best nominee for most clueless statement yet.

I mean, come-on! It's sad to see how insecure these guys are in their masculinity.

Read that again; for daring to exercise their legal right to a workplace free from discrimination and harassment, he insults them in a sexual fashion.

UP-UP-UPDATE: The comments section at JoeMyGod has to be seen to be believed.

Basically, an entire community of gays is defending the idea that gays have the right to sexually harass whomever they wish and that straight men should just shut up and take it.

And, by the way, for those who are trying to argue that the San Diego Fire Department can't be held accountable for the behavior of bystanders, please note: California law, specifically Assembly Bill 76, passed in 2003 as a clarification to the Fair Employment and Housing Act, specifically states that employers are liable for failure to prevent sexual harassment of their employees by customers or clients when they knew or should have known that such harassment, catcalls, or exposure to images and actions that would be considered overtly sexual and offensive was likely to take place.

And to argue that no one could expect any of that of a Pride parade is a comedy routine worthy of Jerry Seinfeld.

UP-UP-UPDATE: Now Timothy Kincaid is writing, over at Box Turtle Bulletin, that the firemen are responsible because they didn't just shut up and play along.

Had they been friendly or waved at the people who pay their salary, they might have had a different experience. Few citizens respond well to hostility and arrogance from city employees.

So remember, the next time you see that hottie down at the government desk, feel free to say whatever loud, lascivious, and perverted comment you like to him or her.

After all, the taxpayer is always right -- and they have to take it, or they'll lose their jobs.

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