Friday, August 17, 2007

Do As I Say, Not As I Did and Said I Didn't

Democrat Presidential candidate John Edwards proves many things, not the leasts of which are that shellac makes a perfectly passable coiffure control mechanism and that a candidate's wife can be fully her spouse's equal in pandering.

But the number-one thing Edwards proves, in my opinion, is just how stupid Democrats think voters really are.

Or, as he blithely states:

Asked Friday if his investments damaged his image as a poverty fighter, Edward's said: "No. Everyone knows I am completely committed to eliminating poverty in this country. I have the strongest national predatory lending proposal. These are things I will pursue."

Then again, the fact that Edwards has any supporters at all for his rhetoric, given the $400 haircut, the Versailles-size mansion, the job with the offshore-tax-sheltered hedge fund, and the $55k/hour rate for a speech on poverty.....he may be right.

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