Monday, January 12, 2009

Tales of the Clueless, Part Dos

It's no news that a gay and lesbian liberal is refusing to use or reference the Bible because it's "offensive" -- but it becomes even more entertaining when that person claims to be a Christian pastor.
As for himself, Robinson said he doesn't yet know what he'll say, but he knows he won't use a Bible.

But after all, it's not what you say or do that matters; it's the fact that you're a minority.
"It's important for any minority to see themselves represented in some way," Robinson told the newspaper for a story in Monday's editions. "Whether it be a racial minority, an ethnic minority, or in our case, a sexual minority. Just seeing someone like you up front matters."

One wonders if Robinson has ever read either Matthew 6:5, Matthew 6:7, or Matthew 10:33.

UPDATE: Robinson is now much more direct, letting the world know that he has been reading past inaugural prayers, was “horrified” at how “specifically and aggressively Christian they were", and assures us that his will "not be a Christian prayer".

Yes, because, as we know, that Jesus fellow and the whole book about him are just too, you know, offensive.

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