Monday, January 12, 2009

We're Still Not Getting It

There was an interesting comment left on my previous post about the cluelessness of gay organizations calling for "dialogue" with religious people and organizations while they support and endorse antireligious bigotry that warranted bringing forth here.
When you realize that Brigham Young's edict to his church was to "put to death" anyone who committed a homosexual act or slept with a black person, and made the edict "eternal," I think you might better appreciate the defensive and offensive nature of the LGBT community.

Oh, I do, I do.

Given the following:
-- Brigham Young died in 1877

-- I personally know black Mormons

-- I personally know interracial Mormon couples with children

-- I have never been threatened with death or even had an attempt made on my life by the numerous Mormons I know

it becomes obvious that you are allowed to take a defensive and offensive view towards a group of people based on the words and behavior of someone who died over a century ago that said group is quite obviously not following or caring much about today.

In that case, I hereby give license to all people who would take a defensive and offensive view towards the gay community to do so, given that I can quote Harry Hay saying publicly that gays should support and include NAMBLA and other exploiters of children as part of the gay community.

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