Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Heck, They Can't Even Get Facts Straight

As I alluded to yesterday, my commentary over on Signorile's blog isn't being taken very well; in response to my pointing out with clear references their support of what they had previously termed homophobic, they released a wave of whisper-gossip that frankly, I haven't seen the level of since my stint of teaching sixth-graders.

My favorite, though, has to be from commentor "Rick".
I noticed this 'North Dallas Forty' character splattering outrageously homophobic comments all over the blogs. So I did a little digging and guess what I found: about a year ago he was found to have issued a jihad of death threats against gay bloggers like Mike Rogers. He is one of those nut cases just like the ones who blow up Planned Parenthood and issue edicts against abortion doctors. He is a total nut case. He even had to shut down his website after legal action was taken.

Of course, that has no references whatsoever -- probably because of these little issues:

1) He has me confused with GayPatriot.

2) He got incorrect what GayPatriot actually did.

3) He missed that I criticized GayPatriot for what GayPatriot did.

4) He apparently is ignorant, inadvertently or willfully, of what Mike Rogers did to GayPatriot's friends and associates.

What makes this particularly hilarious is that this post from "Rick" came despite my having pointed several of these facts out to "Demesne Lord" -- who, despite knowing the truth of the matter and commenting in the same thread, hasn't seen fit to inform "Rick" or the other commentors.

Again, not that this surprises me much; it's just amusing how blatantly obvious it is.

Update: As reported below, how could we forget JoeMyGod, whose hatemongering (and anonymous) commentors have posted not just Mr. Whitney's home address and phone numbers, but those of his PARENTS as well -- apparently so that their fellows who are out for blood could do their worst.

I'm clocking how long this stays up. Starting at 1:27 PM JoeMyGod commenting time.

UPDATE: And the addresses and phone numbers have been taken down -- as of the afternoon of June 17th.

Let's see, that's only what, three days?

And the same old excuse, of course:
I removed the addresses here once they were brought to my attention. I try to read all my comments, but sometimes the longer threads get away from me.

Apparently JoeMyGod isn't aware of the fact that you can actually READ all of your comments in Haloscan without having to go thread by thread.

It's on the same screen that you use to delete/edit them.

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