Monday, June 18, 2007

Meme, May, Mah, Mo, Moo.......

It seems that the latest thing in the blog circles in which I run is the meme -- which, loosely defined, is like a chain letter that doesn't bring down curses on you and your family if you fail to complete it.

I think.

At any rate, since everyone else is baring their souls, I might as well; after all, this blog has never shied from (Not Safe For Work) baring anything.

So here goes:

The Rules:

-- Post the rules, then list 8 things about yourself.
-- At the end of the post, tag and link to 8 other people.
-- Leave a comment at those sites, letting them know they’ve been tagged, and asking them to come read the post so they know what to do.


"Riff off other peoples' answers" wasn't in there, but it wasn't excluded, as the Greeks used to say, "Adiaphora".

1. My cooking falls at the low end of the metrosexual range. That is, I can cook well when required to impress someone, but still make a substantial withdrawal from the Trader Joe's freezer aisle every week.

And before you ask, my husbear is a great cook; the problem is that neither of us wants to spend the time necessary in the kitchen to do it on a daily basis.

2. I eat things plain. Double cheeseburgers, plain, Taco Bell tacos, no lettuce, and can you bring me some real bread and butter instead of this double-herb crusted oily dripping virgin focaccia something-or-another?

3. I work out 3.5 times weekly (four one week, three the next) -- a habit I started when I....

4. Played football. Middle school, high school, and college. Really. Starting linebacker at all levels, even made all-American in college.

And no, locker-room scenes never really turned me on. Probably because a room you associate with puking after wind sprints is not one in which romantic or sexual moods flourish.

5. Nicknames I had throughout my football career included "Professor", "Maverick", "Express", "Will" (for weakside linebacker -- insert your own ironic "and Grace" here), and "Bucket Butt".

The last referred to my rump SIZE, not to any particular characteristics of it. Honestly!

6. While on the topic of quasi-manly pursuits, I rodeoed in college and afterwards on a nominally-professional basis; I also taught the university's horse training class for undergraduates, which is what I blame for my then-consumption of a can a day of Copenhagen Black.

(Yes, I quit eventually. Some guys thought it was sexy; most were neither impressed or amused.)

7. Boilermaker, cosmopolitan, Amstel Light, Miller Light, Diet Coke, and tap water.

In reverse order.

8. My husbear and I met online.

Some evening you, too, may be messaged by a man and end up selling your house, quitting your job, and moving halfway across the country to a city in which you swore you would never live under any circumstances -- and it was the best decision I ever made.

Your mileage may vary.

Now that that's over, I can only think of a few people to whom to send this:

1. Sonicfrog

2. Jimbo.Info

3. Army of Mom

4. Lab Kat

5. See Jane Mom

6. Cake or Death?

7. Charging Rhino

8. Gryphmon's Grumbles

(Sorry. The meme must be obeyed. I have enough enemies already........)

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