Saturday, June 23, 2007

I Am Proud....To Survive It

As you may or may not know, this is Pride Weekend in San Francisco, which means you're going to be seeing very unusual things on the street.....well, more than you usually see, anyway. 18th and Castro are overflowing with queers out and about, the pink triangle is up on Twin Peaks -- and my legs are already hurting.

If you've always wanted to watch our Pride Parade, but weren't within our receiver range, this is your year; through the miracle of modern technology, it will be featured globally on live webcast on Clear Channel's Shake Radio and on our local station KRON, starting at 10:30 AM Pacific time.

For those of you who prefer women, be sure to arrive on time; for those of you who prefer men, you will have about thirty or so minutes to be fashionably late, since it takes approximately that long for the Dykes to move their bikes, bob cuts, and bared boobies the length of the parade route (they go first -- no questions).

Yes, NDT will be in the parade this year, once again in vest and kilt, and a hat of some sort, working tirelessly to keep kiddies and drunks from running out into the street in front of our float, and probably handing out some sort of bauble to the crowd.

Wave if you spot me. ;)

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