Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tiresome, But Not Surprise-some

I was thinking it had been a while since the usual suspects and their comments sections went and savaged another gay person for the crime of being conservative.

Aside from their attempts to smear him with guilt by association and hold him permanently responsible for doing something ostensibly anti-gay prior to his coming out, the interesting thing is watching what they're demanding be done to him.
You have to nip these people in the bud. Today he's fronting for YAF, tomorrow he'll be the Roy Cohn of the 21st Century. To me, people like him are no better than a Black person passing for white and joining the Ku Klux Klan. (I'm not gay but I am Black and that's how I see it.) When someone is working against the rights of people just like him (or her -- Mary Cheney springs to mind, as do Clarence Thomas and Kenneth Blackwell), he needs to be stopped dead in his tracks.

Or, more precisely put:
My heart bleeds, but not for the likes of him. Make him bleed. Make them all bleed. If you aren't up to it. Don't watch, or stay out of politics. This is not a polite and civil endeavor.

As previously noted, it's not exactly a secret that the lives and health of gay conservatives and gay Republicans aren't worth much to these people, but it still is a little jarring to see how blatant they are about it.

What is kind of amusing is the lovely bit of schizophrenia they display, paying lip service to the necessity of "bipartisanship", how desirable it is for for people of all political and religious stripes to come out, the need to work from within the Republican Party to create change -- and then declaring open season, including the use of physical violence, in order to "stop" those who are actually doing it.

Continuing, when last I posted on this tendency of theirs, several comments made were to the effect that I should not hold bloggers responsible for the comments made on their blog.

My response: from personal experience and from my own blog, I know very well that these particular bloggers can rouse themselves to make counter-comments, edit and delete existing comments, and outright ban people from commenting at all. More than that, I know that their "regular" commentors will become quite vociferous and, via email, cry wolf-in-the-fold to the blog owner and complain when someone posts that which they consider objectionable.

Given that, it seems quite obvious that the reason these comments are still there is because neither the blog commentors or the blog owners are opposed to them. Indeed, the only reasons they seem to take down threats of violence and death to people they don't like is when they're publicly embarrassed by them.

Pretty sad when you consider that even the worst of the homophobes have the decency to condemn violence against gays.

Not surprisingly, Signorile didn't take a response to his rant about Mr. Whitney that pointed out that Signorile wasn't even making those demands of Democrat gays very well.

Like I said, though; the fact that these blog owners have no trouble banning and deleting posts by people they don't like does very little for their argument that they shouldn't be held responsible for the hate speech of their commentors.

Update: And of course, how could we forget JoeMyGod, whose hatemongering (and anonymous) commentors have posted not just Mr. Whitney's home address and phone numbers, but those of his PARENTS as well -- apparently so that their fellows who are out for blood could do their worst.

I'm clocking how long this stays up. Starting at 1:27 PM JoeMyGod commenting time.

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