Wednesday, June 13, 2007

If You Can't Handle It, Block It

Well, Signorile has banned me from his blog -- which is not surprising; after all, he didn't get where he did by allowing people who told the truth to stay around him for long.

Just in case he gets in a deleting mode, though, it seems I should record for posterity the comment I left him last night, in response to his own, that has him all apopolectic.

Um, no, I would like Tancredo to say, gee, I have a loyal staffer who's gay so I DO support employment non-discrimination for gays.
The fact that he employs a gay person speaks volumes for the fact that he does not discriminate in employment against them.

You, in turn, could make it clear that you oppose abuse of nondiscrimination laws by gays, such as in the case of Bonnie Bleskachek.

I want him to say that he DOESN'T support an ammendent to the Constitution of the United States to make gays second class citizens (Federal Marriage Amendment), which he voted for and spearheaded.

Please. You don't even demand that of your own Democrat candidates, nor do you blast gays and gay organizations who support them.

One would think that you would be just as inclined to bash those gays and those candidates -- but that would be only if one wasn't aware of what party and what gay organizations keep you in chardonnay.


I want him to say that it is GOOD for gays to adopt children in DC, which he voted against allowing.

Well, one of your fellow gay Democrats and HRC supporters thinks otherwise when it comes to gay parenting.

And if you go to my conservative blog, you'll find I have a great deal to say about it. Mostly involving the tendency of you and your commentors to indulge in the sort of hate speech and threats of violence that you affect to despise from the religious right.

Finally, it is North Dallas THIRTY. "North Dallas Forty" should be reserved for the passable novel by Pete Gent and the somewhat-disquieting movie with Nick Nolte.
North Dallas Thirty | Homepage | 06.13.07 - 12:56 am | #

And note that, unlike Signorile, I feel no particular need to block his minions who are setting out to namecall me in my comment section with far less proof than I've put in his.

As Robbie of the Malcontent aptly puts it, "This week, everyone's favorite sad, leftist mess dines on the blood of gay young in a limp attempt at remaining relevant outside of his private circle of elite coastal fags who honestly believe the rest of homosexualdom not living in New York gives a rat's ass."

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