Monday, March 28, 2005

The Case of GayPatriot

As some of you may or may not be aware, Blog Ally GayPatriot, formerly affiliated with the blogsite GayPatriot abruptly ceased blogging and severed his relationship with the blog on Friday with a rather-cryptic missive:
For personal and professional reasons that I am unable to fully discuss, I have to stop blogging as GayPatriot effective immediately. This has been a great experience for me and I have learned a lot. And I have met a lot of good people along the way (if only through email). As of this moment, I am no longer affiliated with this blog and I turn over all control to GayPatriotWest who will keep the fires going. Thank you for letting me come into your homes since last September. It has been an honor.

That was where matters stood until Steve Koval blogged concerning the issue on the Washington Blade website yesterday evening.
That was it — the entire public entry. One comment to Gay Patriot's final post noted that his abrupt withdrawal occurred the same day he removed a post that showed photos of outing activists Mike Rogers and John Aravosis under the headline "Wanted: Gay Terrorists." Gay Patriot was a longtime nemesis of Rogers and Aravosis, and withdrew the "Terrorist" post without any explanation.

Unless, god forbid, Mr. Patriot is dying, doesn't he owe his readers a little bit more than that?

Apparently GayPatriot felt similarly, as he authorized Blog Ally Christian Grantham to report on the situation this morning.

Christian's post is one of the finest examples of blogosphere journalism I have seen, and needs no commentary or embellishment here. Instead, I would point the reader to R Cane's thoughts at The Central Front for an additional and useful perspective.

All I can say is this....Rogers was named by Genre magazine as one of the 2004 "Men We Love", as he promotes on his website, with pictures, with gushing prose from Mike Signorile praising Rogers's motivations and tactics. NOW do you see why I tend to prefer to bring matters like this and Rogers's and John Aravosis's protection of antigay Democrats to the attention of people?

UPDATE (12:31 PM): Yes, I know it was breaking my word, but I posted the hyperlink to Christian's report on the situation to Americablog. John Aravosis set a land-speed record for deleting it -- under five minutes.

One wonders why John is so reluctant to let the tactics of his confederate and co-conspirator in outing be known, especially since Christian is hardly what you could consider a source biased towards GayPatriot.

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