Thursday, March 31, 2005

The North Dallas Thirty Blogosphere Media Event Awards

Once again, the power, speed, and capability of the blogosphere amazes me -- and especially the great people who make it function. The recent events concerning the blog GayPatriot and blogger GayPatriot himself have been both instructive and wonderful to watch, especially due to the actions of certain individuals who I would like to recognize as part of the first semi-annual North Dallas Thirty Blogosphere Media Event Awards.

The "Cover Me Boys, I'm Going In" Award goes to Christian Grantham, who broke the original story and Rogers's similar antics towards other blogs. Christian was a walkaway for this award, especially after his having to put up with certain phone calls. Honorable mention goes to GayPatriot himself, for being willing to share his story, and to GayPatriotWest, who has aptly stepped up to the plate and continued the fine tradition of the GayPatriot franchise (wink).

On a related note, the "Turnabout Is Fair Play" Award goes to Robert of Lime Shurbet for his ability to not only make lemonade (limeade?) out of the lemons of having his blog shut down, but to send several more of them flying back. Honorable mention goes to all the members, as reported by Christian Grantham, of the Forced Outing Watch (kind of like the Black Watch, but with better uniforms and hairdos).

Next up is the "Get the Hell Out of My Chair, Koppel and Rather" Award for Lloydletta, aka Eva Young, whose coverage of this story has been fair, balanced, exhaustive, and cross-linked beyond compare -- my blogroll has exploded since I started tracking through her. Honorable mention on this goes to Mark Jaquith, proprietor of the blog Tempus Fugit, for his beautifully-written and researched piece on the events.

Close behind with the "Christiane Amanpour Memorial Get the Story" Award is R Cane of The Central Front, whose interview with Mike Rogers is not only more than a bit daring, all things considered, but an excellent "other side of the story" bit of reporting.

Finally, the "Keep It In Perspective, People" Award is a tie between Downtown Lad for his commentary piece on the implications of the whole affair for blogs and for bloggers and to Roaring Tiger of Big Cat Chronicles for her offering of insights on the issue.

To all those who I have met through this, but haven't mentioned yet....thank you. It's been a tremendous pleasure.

On your way out, please don't forget to tell Joan Rivers you think her dress is darling. (grin)

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