Thursday, March 24, 2005

A Pleasant Surprise In an Unlikely Spot

It was a bit of a show-stopper when I came upon this item while reading through the online version of the Washington Blade today:
But those critical of the Blade in the RawStory article would go much, much further than that, demanding we investigate the private sex lives of anti-gay politicians and those who work for them. (John Aravosis and Mike Rogers, the editor of RawStoryQ, who have led the outing movement, apparently only investigate anti-gay Republicans and their staffers, but we'll leave aside that naked partisan bias.)

Hmmmm....not to brag, but it looks like someone may have read their email. I have to wonder, though -- if he got the info from me, did he not cite me to protect my privacy? A LITTLE shameless promotion would have been OK.......LOL.

1 comment:

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