Friday, March 25, 2005

Stop the Spin....Aravosis Wants Off

Methinks John Aravosis was particularly stung by yesterday's editorial in the Washington Blade, given his rather incoherent response this morning.

For instance, he says this first:

He's (Crain) contradicts himself repeatedly over whether he is or isn't in favor of outing, suggests that he did and then didn't want to out Mehlman, and then he attacks me and Mike Rogers by name for the outing campaign, conveniently forgetting that he and his newspaper fed off our campaign and begged us for scoops for a significant part of last year - and PRINTED those scoops.

And which ones would those be, John? I've looked at a long list of the Blade's articles concerning outing, and in not a one do they reveal or confirm the person's sexual orientation or identity without said person's consent. What the Blade did was report that YOU and Rogers were running around saying that so-and-so was gay. They also reported that, in many cases, said individuals denied it.

This one in particular had to be the best, though:

The story reeked of an attempt to covertly out Mehlman, and most everyone in town I knew who read the story thought so. And when I discussed that fact with Crain last year in an off the record conversation that I won't share - my journalistic ethics don't change month to month -

OK, so you said you wouldn't share it.....BUT what comes next?

let's just say Crain hardly tried to dissuade me from believing the story was an attempt to out Mehlman. (And if Crain really wants to push it, ask him to give me permission to tell you what he said about whether Mehlman is gay or not.)

So you're not going to share it, you're just going to tell us what was said. That makes perfect sense.....LOL.

Next up, in an even more-hilarious move, John gets his syncophants to post Crain's personal email address -- of course, this same syncophant, Inside the Beltway (as I blogged about yesterday), will not post his own email address or identify himself, despite claiming to be a prominent activist.

Finally, John blogged not a word about the charge Crain brought up yesterday -- that John and Mike Rogers are NOT outing antigay Democrats or the staffers of antigay Democrats, despite their promises to out ANYONE who votes against gay rights. As the old saying goes, never answer anything to which you don't want to draw attention -- and this would qualify in spades. With that, I repeat my challenge to Aravosis -- first, reveal the names of your "outing committee" and second, acknowledge publicly that you have not outed the staffers of antigay Democrats and have no intention of doing so.

This should be interesting....stay tuned.

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