Monday, July 30, 2007

The Best Example of Hypocrisy Yet....

John Aravosis whining and crying about the comments posted on other peoples' websites.

One can only imagine the screams of "Bushitler fascism" that would come down if his commentors -- or Kos commentors, for that matter -- were subjected to the same level of investigation and scrutiny that he is demanding the Secret Service do for O'Reilly.

What makes it even funnier is that he is chortling about supposedly affecting Bill O'Reilly's advertising revenue.....but begging at the top of the page that he needs money because "ad sales have fallen dramatically the past few months".

Gee, one wonders why.......really.

As posited before, this blogger is no fan of editing or deleting comments, but there are certain lines.

O'Reilly's commentors crossed them and justly deserved said scrutiny; Aravosis and company, given their long and storied track record of encouraging same, deserve even worse.

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