Saturday, July 14, 2007

Everyone Hates Mimes....

but they love memes, which come from exactly the same root word (mimeme, which means "something repeated", obviously not adding "to the point of horrid, grating, incessant pain").

All right; hopefully, that was semi-intellectual enough to justify QuakerJono blessing me with his latest "Thinking Bloggers" whatever (thank you, sir; you will be receiving a package from "" shortly).
I don’t agree with NDT all the time. In fact, it’s rare enough that I remark on it mentally whenever it happens. That’s not a bad thing, though, because even though we disagree, I know his positions are well thought out and rarely simple knee-jerk reactions. Occasionally he descends into shameful partisan hackery, but who among us is 100% not-guilty of that? Plus, he’s like the one person I know who’s been banned from multiple blogs for ideas and not just pointless trolling. Part of me thinks if you’re pissing off people that much, you gotta have a viewpoint worth considering.

I'd say that's a pretty accurate and reasonable way of putting it -- and it avoided the use of the term "stubborn jackass", so I suppose we're getting somewhere.

I still think the best description of me came from a previous job, where I was compared to our ancient, donated, retired-from-Southwestern-Bell, not-maintained, and mystically-cursed-by-untold-numbers-of-malevolent-disgruntled-customers food transport van: "Hard to get going, but even harder to stop".

Since I must serve the meme once again and give you five blogs that qualify as Thinking, here goes.

1. Army of Mom. Brutal, wonderful testimony from a bright and talented woman with a wonderful family, a gorgeous husband, and huge.....ummm, tracts of land. The best of solid American family values for which you could ever ask.

2. Lab Kat. Simply the best phrase-turner on the planet. Kat has a take on life that is either completely and inhumanly brilliant or the result of an out-of-control glue sniffing habit. Your call.

3. See Jane Mom. To say she "tells it like it is" ranks right up there in understatement with Noah's weather report calling for light showers and drizzle.

4. . Likely he won't answer this meme either, but he's one of the sweetest, most uniquely-balanced individuals I have ever met; merely being in his presence makes you feel more intelligent and meaningful. I thought it impossible that dinner with someone could rescue a business trip to the steambath that is DC in late summer for a client who redefined "surly", but he somehow managed it. WOOF!

5. Jack Malebranche. Read and prepare to be annoyed, insulted, amused, provoked, and forced into highest dudgeon. And that's just his introductory paragraph.

(Yes, they DO look almost identical to my last meme. Sorry; brain cells are taking a while to regenerate from the megadoses of Advil I've been taking this week.)

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