Monday, July 02, 2007

Two and Two Make 400

The eagle eye of Jamie over at I Must Be Dreaming captured this.....edifying....picture and story for the morning.

At the same time, on my interminable Caltrain trek, I was reading this.

And people wonder why healthcare costs so much today.

Believe me, I do understand. My genetics are prone to storing fat (badly). My belly grows when I don't get enough sleep or when I have an impending deadline at work. And especially when you're in a hurry, for one of as parsimonious ways as I, that $1 double cheeseburger looks quick, filling, and to be a good value.

But at some point, people, we gotta can blame genetics, environment, and George Bush for the fact that you can't see your feet without a mirror, but the simple fact of the matter is that the biggest influence on you being fat is your own behavior.

That's not a PC stance to take, but it's God's own truth.

Human beings should be able to fit in an MRI with a 350-lb weight limit. People should be able to contain their ass within one airline seat (or folding chair). Seatbelt extenders should be something car dealers order from Detroit, not stocked in quantities of 100 in the parts department.

Unless you are a pregnant woman (for whom all is forgiven) or an NFL lineman, these should be as inexorably written as the Ten Commandments. And if you are outside the boundary lines, you don't NEED an MRI or CT scan to tell you what your health problem is.

Eat less and exercise. As Twatty McGee might put it, "Honey, there just ain't another way."

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