Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Happy Thought For Today

One pinch of fairy dust, and this could boost my plus-size tushy right over Mount Shasta.

The Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund will donate $1 million to 14 Bay Area AIDS organizations that have been pinched by tighter federal budgets and may face severe cuts in the coming years......

On Friday, which is designated World AIDS Day by the United Nations, the Goldman Fund will formally announce the 14 grants. They range from $250,000 for Project Open Hand -- which provides groceries and cooked meals to homebound patients with AIDS and other diseases -- to $25,000 for the National AIDS Memorial Grove in Golden Gate Park.

Absolutely amazing. Astonishing. And most incredible....completely unsolicited.

None of the recipients had applied for the grants.

"It came out of the blue. We were literally jumping up and down,'' said Bob Brenneman, director of development for Project Open Hand.

Brenneman said cuts in federal funding have made for difficult times at many organizations serving people with AIDS in San Francisco. "One of the reasons the Goldman Fund gave these grants was to encourage other private funders to do the same," he said.

Mr. Goldman, I can't say this enough......thank you.

And I certainly hope my readers will take up your challenge.

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