Tuesday, November 14, 2006

No, Mr. Bond; I Expect You to Strip!

Despite my usual disdain for modern cinema, lately I've been finding myself more drawn to the new James Bond movie Casino Royale.

It could be due to a curiosity over how this particular film will interpret the "prequel" formula, in which you take a movie franchise that has become ridiculously over-the-top (a la Batman and Superman), strip out the gazillions worth of CGI and talent contracts, keep at least one older and recognized actor (preferably British and raised to the peerage) for stability, and add in an array of young art-film talent to build a story centered on how the protagonists became so screwed up in the first place.

Or it could be that I'm dying to see Daniel Craig take his clothes off.

Update: You knew Chad would find a way to top me. :)

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