Monday, November 13, 2006

The Whited Sepulchre

I find it more than interesting that one of the principals in the Foley matter -- and the newspaper with whom he was working -- have now come out with a pair of stories that.....ahem....take liberties with some key elements of the timeline involved in their actions.

Here's how the Los Angeles Times, who was a media source with which the StopSexPredators blogger, Lane Hudson, was working, characterizes the release of information concerning the Foley emails:

Just after 11 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 24, Hudson put up the Foley e-mails.

"This is absolutely amazing … ," he wrote that morning. "There must be even more out there. E-mail me … and let me know what we should do!!!!"

By that Wednesday, Wonkette, a popular Washington gossip site, had linked to Hudson's blog. On Thursday, ABC News posted an article on its website.

However, as the Radar Online blog has previously pointed out, a link to the StopSexPredators blog was already posted on DailyKos -- twelve minutes after Hudson put up the emails.

Furthermore, as Radar Online also points out, the same online ID who posted the Foley link opened a diary with it on DailyKos six minutes later....but not only that, had written a suggestive post concerning Foley over two weeks earlier.

One wonders why they are so quick to ignore -- or whitewash, depending on how you look at it -- how quickly and repeatedly this information was posted, in what looks like a deliberate fashion, on a blog on which it would generate an inordinate amount of attention -- and which has a history of being a publicity mouthpiece for the Democratic Party.

Furthermore, what I find interesting is that both Hudson and his media sources are ignoring the fact of the other posts he made accusing Congresspersons and making other unreferenced statements, all of which makes him look much less like a concerned citizen and much more like a partisan demagogue. One wonders if their concern is really for the facts....or for spinning their involvement with actions which appear to be less concerned with sex predators and more with flinging mud.

The fact that an HRC staffer was doing this, again, is no great surprise. And, as the Blade article implies, I'm quite sure that the only reason Hudson is no longer employed by HRC had more to do with the negative publicity of keeping him than it did on their actually disagreeing with what he did or the practice of outing for political advantage.

HRC needs to once and for all come clean about this entire issue. Either they support outing, or they don't. If they do, they should publicly admit it, instead of saying one thing to the media and encouraging it behind closed doors. If they don't, let's see some action on their part to stop it.

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