Thursday, November 30, 2006

How DARE You Follow Sound Business Practice!

And also in today's news, Mayor Gavin Newsom is screaming that the San Francisco 49ers's previous contacts with officials in the South Bay regarding a possible move to Santa Clara shows that the team was "not being honest with San Francisco".

Of course, the article goes on to point out that the 49ers not only made it clear to Santa Clara that San Francisco was their first choice, but that they even warned Newsom and his entourage that their staying put was not a guarantee. Furthermore, to anyone even remotely familiar with the City's politics, the team's having a backup plan was a sound decision; after all, the only certainty in dealing with the San Francisco Politburo is that there are no certainties.

But Newsom, still smarting from the collapse of his monument to himself and the private party to milk for the costs of it, isn't having anything of it -- and, in an ironic twist, is drawing up his smoke-saturated cloak about him and huffing about how "dishonest" people are as he storms out of the backroom, a mysteriously-rustling sack jammed under his arm.

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