Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Who Wants to Bet.......

if you'll see this discussed on many gay-oriented blogs?

As far as the actual behavior, it should be no surprise to anyone; after all, sexual favoritism in the workplace has been around since the first protozoans posited prodigious pseudopod preferences. It would be more surprising if we of the lavender persuasion were immune to such temptations and never changed promotion requirements to "demonstrated understanding of departmental procedures manual and/or The Kama Sutra".

But where this creates a problem is in the self-righteous rhetoric of the gay left, that, like the radical feminism and racism from which it is descended, sanctimoniously blames "white males" for everything from workplace discrimination to hurricanes and bad hair days. Finding out that a lesbian engaged in back-office maneuvering equivalent to the sleaziest of old-boy networks neatly blows a Michael Richards-sized crater into that argument.

One wonders if those among the gays who are usually so quick to scream "hypocrite" and point fingers at people like Ted Haggard will be as vociferous in opposing Bleskachek's actions.

Personally, though, I'd have the incense ready; given the toe-sucking reception for the last person who made personnel decisions based on who he wanted to sleep with him, I think Pope Solmonese will soon be declaring the ceremony of canonization for St. Bonnie the Oppressed.

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