Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Exploiters Of The World, Unite!

And here we go again.

“The first thing I thought of was the children,” Mr. Mancía, who is fighting his own deportation order, told the visitors gathered in his second floor walkup apartment in New Bedford a couple of weeks ago. “The future we imagined for them, it all collapsed.”

Well, at least that's more subtle than what's going on today in Fresno:

In Fresno, organizers planned a rally focusing on children whose parents had been deported.

As I mentioned a month ago, this falls well outside "humanitarian" and well into "crass exploitation".

And of course, the usual suspects are all for it.

The reason why is simple; illegal immigrants are a large, easily-exploited group that can be tapped for under-the-table cash and workers. This is an election year for Newsom, and Migden and Leno are poised for a knock-down-drag-out fight for voters for next year's California Senate elections.

Of course, the fact that it screws the rest of us who do pay taxes, are here legally, and are getting rather tired of providing billions in freebies to people who are not paying taxes, who are forging official documents to get employment when they do pay taxes, and who are knowingly breaking the law and doing the equivalent of holding their children up to the camera with a knife to their throat to keep us from enforcing it, concerns none of them.

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