Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Orientation of Hate

Moonbats, as somehow befits their name, truly are 24/7, all-night, always-open creatures.

Examples have continued to pile up through the sleeping hours and this morning of the verbal bricks, stones, and Molotov cocktails being hurled by the gay left and gay Democrats against their favorite villainesses, Mary Cheney and Heather Poe, and their new baby, Samuel.

Most of them are nothing too new, comparisons to Satan and whatnot, calling them horrible names, mocking the Cheneys, and so forth. But there was one in particular that I thought was both simply, chillingly concise and effective in summing up the desires of the "LGBT community" towards them.
I'm praying for SIDS.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Probably the worst, repeat worst, thing that can happen to parents -- to wake up and find a baby that was perfectly healthy the day or night before completely limp, cold, and lifeless.

Wishing a baby dead is bad enough in itself. But SIDS is particularly horrible because the cause of death is so often unknown -- which invariably drives parents downward into a maelstrom of grief, crushing uncertainty, and guilt, always wondering what they had done wrong and leaving them with the specter of a repeat hanging over their decision to have more children.

In short, these people, the "community" that preaches "love", "tolerance", and "support", not only wants Samuel dead; they want Mary and Heather destroyed and devastated in the most horrible fashion with him.

I had previously thought that the Aravosis/Spaulding/HRC/Stonewall Democrats cabal had hit rock bottom with their hopes for Mary's pregnancy and Samuel's birth. But this really, truly, represents the newest, most disgusting low yet.

Even worse, in my opinion, are the gay enablers who, rather than throwing open the windows and airing out this hideous and dark underbelly of the gay community, are blithely papering over the slime by claiming comments are "positive", or worse, arguing that Mary, Heather, and Samuel somehow deserve this because of who her father is and his relationship to the Bush administration.

Let's call this what it is, people....sick.

It is sick that someone could wish a child dead.

It is sick that they hope his parents are thrown into the worst sort of misery.

And it is beyond sick that someone could argue that these are somehow justified because of who the parents' families are and their political affiliations.

That is what gay pundits like John Aravosis, Pam Spaulding, and Andy Towle preach and support. That is what gay "moderates" enable. And that is what represents the gay community to the world -- the idea that it is perfectly acceptable to wish a baby dead and his parents crushed by the worst kind of grief on the basis of their political affiliation, and get away with it because you are gay.

UPDATE: Now "sean", a regular Democrat and liberal commentor on GayPatriot, has added a new wrinkle; they don't want the kid to die, but that's just so he can get beat up later.
No, the kid can’t die of crib death!! He has to go to school and get ridiculed and bullied and punched by the offspring of Christianists…and have no recourse to protections afforded to children of heterosexual couples. Then Dick Cheney will see what he has wrought.

So again, we have people wishing physical harm on a baby on the basis of his family's political affiliation -- which they think they can get away with because they are gay.

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