Saturday, May 26, 2007

Uh Oh....

Princess got caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

Of course, her response was appropriately outraged that anyone would even THINK she was wasting taxpayer dollars and why she NEEDED the military charter.

Use of military aircraft, while limited, does give us the ability to maximize our schedule and get more done in a shorter amount of time. We flew mostly at night in order to have more meetings during the day. It also allows us to work on the aircraft to further manage the time we are spending away from home.

Yes, because we know there are no overnight flights to Europe and people never work on commercial jetliners.

Meanwhile, if you go to and ask for departures that leave Washington Dulles in the evening and arrive in London in the morning, it will gladly spit back numerous matching flights; indeed, with a one-month advance purchase at the height of the season, a pampered business class seat on union-owned and dominated United Airlines will only set Princess's unlimited account back a paltry $4,500, allowing her and her retinue of ten lackeys to save the American working class (who she claims to represent) over $100,000 dollars on the national security essential of sending her to the mother country for a few hours of work and a few hundred hours of clubbing.

And what makes this even funnier is how often Princess and her party, especially in Princess's position as head of the Finance Committee, rail against executives and their corporate jets, insisting that the time savings is a waste of money, that executives don't need perks, meeting time, or privacy, and that everyone should be just fine in coach.

Look on the bright side, though; maybe the Brits will keep her. Or we can offer them a trade for a barrister to be named later.

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