Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lessons Not Learned

I was more than amused by this post discussing the gay lacrosse coach at the University of Missouri who recently lost his job -- supposedly because he was gay.

Why, according to the poster?

I remember lacrosse players in high school and college as male, white, affluent, and extremely homophobic (your experience may differ of course).

Two words: Mike Nifong.

But of course, the reason for all of these assumptions and accusations against the Missouri lacrosse team is obvious:
Missouri is a state where it is aok to be fired for being gay. If legal protections for LGBT people existed there (via state laws or ENDA), employers would be less likely to pull nonsense like this.

Yes, because we know, as in the case of Bonnie Bleskachek, the only reason gays are ever criticized or have negative actions taken against them for poor job performance and on-the-job behavior is "homophobia" and "sexism".

In contrast, if you are a "privileged" straight white male CEO, you can be canned for carrying out a private, consensual affair with a coworker -- and no one raises a single word of protest.

This leads me to believe that most gay liberals don't want equality in the workplace; they want guaranteed employment regardless of behavior or job performance.

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