Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Quiet, The Baby Is Sleeping!

Congratulations to new moms Mary Cheney and Heather Poe.

And of course, the moonbat squad is already out, obviously pissed that their desire for a deformed baby and Mary screaming in agony, as well as other pleasant outcomes, hasn't come true.

And they wonder why none of us wants to play ball with them.

Yes, we will be tracking the response from the usual suspects. Stay tuned.

Update #1: Feel the love from gay leftist organization Family Pride -- courtesy of Pam Spaulding, who we encourage to let loose and tell us how she's really feeling.

Update #2: Pam's commentors are picking up the slack nicely. Don't forget to keep checking Family Pride and Aravosis Land, where the vitriol wishing horrible things on Mary and the new baby is now being delivered by the 55-gallon drum. Meanwhile, Towleroad, another example of a blog where fine tolerant and non-hateful Democrats hang out, is starting up.

Update #3: GayOrbit joins in the anti-Mary bitch fest. Sweet!

Update #4: I found something which, quite honestly, deserved its own post. See above.

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