Monday, May 07, 2007

Today's Bit of Hilarious Irony

Jerry Maneker, who is supposedly a "supporter" of LGBT rights, is today upset concerning the fact that so many people associate being gay with sex, which he rebuts in these ringing words:
We are not defined by the sexual dimension of our lives but, rather, our sexuality is but one part of a whole complex of who we are as human beings.

And yet, when a few gay people actually have the temerity to suggest that their sex lives are NOT the primary drivers of their existence, he condemns that in even harsher terms:
As I posted on my own blog today, "As far as I'm concerned, these people are either ignorant and/or mendacious and/or traitorous. In any case, they're pitiable!" Log Cabin Republicans betray the movement for full and equal civil rights for LGBT people and their families.

So the fact that people associate gays with sex is hurting the gay-rights movement....but gays who make it clear that they're about more than sex are pitiable traitors who are betraying the cause.

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