Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Arrrivederci, Mike!

Eagle-eyed blog ally Christian Grantham called my attention to this gem from Mike Rogers, proprietor of

Rogers indicated that his efforts are part of a battle against the Bush administration and America’s right wing. “Ultimately, on November 2, I believe that our country is making a decision about good and evil,” Rogers said. “If Bush is elected, I’m leaving the country.”

It is a fight in which the right wing, despite its embrace of so-called traditional values, often seems to be willing to distort facts or lie outright. “There are no rules,” Rogers said. “We need to fight these people as hard as we can.”

Rogers implied that the consequences of a Bush win could be dire. He referred to “internment camps” that he said are being refurbished in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. “I know what happened to gay Jews who didn’t get out fast enough last time,” Rogers said.

Of course, Mike had no problem with not outing those staffers of Democrats who voted for the FMA, or all those who worked for candidates pushing antigay state constitutional amendments to strip gays of their right to marry and who bragged about their position being "the same as the President's" (cough, John Kerry). You have to wonder if his tinfoil-hat talk of black helicopters and "internment camps" is nothing more than the ravings of someone who is so desperate to justify his contradictory and hypocritical position that he's drifted well outside the area of sanity.

As much as I loathe what Rogers is doing, perhaps the best action in his case is none at all....that is, simply let him stand up, speak, and embarrass everyone around him. Heck, it works with Fred Phelps.

Oh, and Mike.....don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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