Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Travel Blogue, Part I: I Have Found Tourist-Trap Nirvana

Good evening to all....I write to you today from lovely scenic Orlando, Florida, with my remote access fortunately functioning.

After a day in the Magic City, I have discovered the following:

1) There are some beautiful houses and charming neighborhoods in Orlando. This is because they are where the tourists never go -- downtown.

2) The remainder of the city is a monument to three things -- American capitalism, American ingenuity, and American refusal to let proper urban development, devotion to architectural advancement, and taste interfere with the previous two.

3) One in every three cars on the road in this city is a rental -- and is being driven by someone who is even more lost than you are.

4) International Drive. Avoid it. Don't ask, just do.

Tomorrow, my colleague and I leave for Greensboro, North Carolina, with me ending the week in Chicago with a very special someone. Take care and have a great week!

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