Thursday, January 06, 2005

Racists call Jews Nazis

The ongoing saga of the drive to change Dallas's governance form from a city manager-city council to a "strong mayor" model, precipitated at least in part by a less than stellar review of the city government this spring, took a unique twist yesterday when noted local gadfly Al Lipscomb took the stand to compare Mayor Laura Miller, Dallas's Jewish mayor, to Adolf Hitler. This was of course applauded by local racist Maxine Thornton-Reese, who seems to have found no shame in her tirades unraveling when her support of her colleagues' corrupt machinations are exposed, and James Fantroy, who made certain that twice convicted felon Lipscomb was able to stay in Dallas politics by putting him on the Dallas Police Review Board.

Of course, the irony for us observers of Dallas politics was of Lipscomb showing up himself....normally he delegates these type of things to his minions, but chief among them, his wife Lovie, is still recovering from being forced to admit that she filed an ethics complaint against Mayor Miller with detailed descriptions of events that she never actually witnessed.

And people wonder why it was so easy to get signatures on a petition that would put an enormous brake on this type of nonsense. I go by a simple a circus, anything the clowns detest has a good chance of being right.

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